First Seen Tracking Mode

First Seen tracking is a way of seeing the results of clicks from specific dates over time. It is best used to see the LONG TERM ROI on ad spend over time.

How First Seen Tracking Works

First seen tracking works by taking all the customers that were FIRST SEEN during the time period you select on the REPORT BOARD

For example if set the dates to Feb 1st to Feb 15th last seen would collect all the customers that entered your business during that time frame.

It will then organize them by source.

So for example if a customer clicked @facebookad1 on Feb 3rd and it was their first tracked interaction they would be credited to @facebook1 on the REPORT BOARD.

HOWEVER : If they clicked BEFORE or AFTER Feb 15th they would not be factored in on this board.

Next : First Seen mode will attribute ALL sales from these users to the current date and attribute the sales to the original source.

This allows you to answer a question like :

“I spent $20k on ads in January, 8 months ago. How much more money have the customers from those ads spent over the last 8 months?”

If you find this confusing use the video demostration below.

Watch Me Demostrate Using First Seen and LTV Tracking Below