Kajabi Integration

If you just have Kajabi checkout pages, then please move straight to the second video.

If you have Kajabi site pages as well, please also copy the universal script below, then inside Kajabi go to settings -> Site details -> Header Page scripts and paste the script -> click save as shown below:

Then follow the main integration guide here:

Please also take in mind because Kajabi do not send the price for each sale, we can not take into account any discounts on purchases for this integration.

If you are sending customers to a Kajabi checkout page for purchase:

1- Integrate with Kajabi by using our KAJABI INTEGRATION HERE

2- After integrating click “Configure” and then “Get Webhook”. Copy the webhook URL generated.

3- Go to your Kajabi admin dashboard and go to “SETTINGS” at the bottom of the left hand dashboard

4- Go to “checkout settings”

5- Place the webhook you copied under “Purchase Webhook URL”

6- NEXT copy the UNIVERSAL script below:

7- Return to your Kajabi dashboard and make sure you are still under “checkout settings”

8- Scroll down to HEADER TRACKING CODE

9- Paste your UNIVERSAL code in the input under HEADER TRACKING CODE and hit save!

10- Lastly, run a test payment, you should see a sale come into hyros with the value of $0. Copy the tag for that product and search for your product HERE. Edit the value of the product to the actual purchase value. Moving forward any product sales under that tag will come in with the same value.

This concludes the set up for Kajabi.