Should I Send Events as an Individual or General Conversion?

What is an Individual Conversion?

This means every single product and product variation will be sent to Google as a unique conversion action.

For example, you have 3 different products which you have sold with the following product names inside Hyros:

  1. My First Product
  2. My Second Product
  3. My Third Product

If all of these sales are attributed to Google, and we are sending events as an individual conversion, then we will send each event with the following name, with the formula “Hyros + {ProductName}”:

  1. Hyros My First Product
  2. Hyros My Second Product
  3. Hyros My Third Product

This is how your conversion actions will show inside Google. Each sale will be added to the conversion action that it corresponds to ONLY. In this case each conversion action will only have 1 event.

What is a General Action?

This is when all Hyros events, no matter the product name, are sent to the same conversion action with the same general event name.

For example, you have 3 different products with the exact same names as the above example which you have sold. They are all attributed to Google but this time you are sending events as a general action, with the predefined tracker name as “Hyros General Purchase”, the 3 conversion events will now be sent like this:

  1. Hyros General Purchase
  2. Hyros General Purchase
  3. Hyros General Purchase

As you can see, all purchases are sent to the same name and therefore they will all be sent to the same conversion action inside Google, meaning “Hyros General Purchase” will have 3 events inside Google.

Which One Should I use?

This entirely depends on how you want to optimize your campaigns inside Google.

Use individual actions if you want to optimize some or all of your campaigns around a single product or a specific group of products. Often this is useful when you have a campaign with a goal of selling a specific product or a specific group of products.

If you have a lot of different products inside Hyros, then sending events as an individual action will generate many different conversion actions inside Google, and can therefore be more difficult to manage. This is especially true for E-Commerce stores that sell low ticket items.

In all other cases, use general actions. This will show all events under the same conversion action and allow you to optimize around all your purchases at the same time in the cleanest way.

General actions will also give you the option of sending events as orders rather than individual products purchased.

You also have the option of selecting both in case you want to optimize differently for certain campaigns.

In this case, each sale will be sent to both the General action and the individual action for that specific product.