The Sales/LTV Reports Tab

The LTV reports tab is used to calculate the long term value of your customers. Sales mode lets you see the total sales during a selected period of time that meet the criteria you have set.


This mode is very helpful in order to get a more birds-eye view of your LTV of a certain group of leads or customers or all of your leads. You can isolate certain groups of customers based on their first click, their first sale, or any customers who share a certain tag or a group of tags. You can then calculate the long term value of leads who match this criteria.

Note that this guide is not referring to the LTV attribution mode inside your standard reports, which allows you to see the LTV from each specific source inside a single report. For more information on that feature please see THIS GUIDE.

Inverted search = group leads with NONE of the selected tags

HYROS generates this LTV by adding together the total sales of these leads across certain time periods and averaging them all together.

For example if you have 1000 leads and set the mode to 1 month it will look at how much these leads spent with you over their first 30 day period in your business. It will then average these all together to give you an accurate 30 day long term value prediction of customers who match this criteria.

The more customer data you provide HYROS the more accurate the prediction will be.


Sales mode shows you the total sales of your customers that fit the criteria of the search entered DURING the selected date period. It is an extremely basic way to see what certain customers have bought in your business.


Use compare mode to compare sales from 2 different groups based on either tags or dates.

Compare by tags: Create 2 different groups of sales that are related to the tags entered, and compare those sales within a certain date range.

Compare by dates: Compare 2 different groups of sales within different date ranges. These groups can then also be filered by tags.