Why Send Events as Orders?

Inside Hyros we offer you the choice to send events to your ad platform based on order numbers, or sale numbers:

For Facebook
For Google

By default, Hyros will send events as an individual purchase. For example, if a lead purchases 3 products in a single purchase (in other words, in the same order), then Hyros will send 3 events. 1 event for each specific product purchased inside Hyros.

However, if you would prefer Hyros to send all of the purchases together as 1 event in order to optimize around orders, you can toggle this on.

There is no right or wrong answer in this case. It will depend entirely on your unique business and what you consider most appropriate for optimization.

It is most common for users to send events as orders in order to match more closely with the ad platform, especially if you are sending events to an existing event/conversion action inside the ad platform. However if you are sending Hyros events to a unique event, then you could consider sending events as sales if you would prefer to optimize around sales numbers rather than grouped orders.