Scientific Mode

Scientific mode is a mode of tracking that allows you to attribute sales to your first click or last click depending on a time frame. This works VERY well for ad tracking for funnels that have a long click to sale time with multiple interactions. These would usually be webinar and sales call funnels.

How Scientific Tracking Works

Scientific tracking works by attributing a sales to the first clicked source OR the last clicked source based on a time frame that you can set.

For example in Scientific mode we can set the time frame to 30 days.

If a sale occurs within 30 days of the first click HYROS will attribute the sale to the first click. If it occurs AFTER 30 days of the first click HYROS will attribute the sale to the last click.

When To Use This Mode :

This mode excels when you have a sales funnel that takes time to complete.

For example if you have a sales call funnel the user might click an ad and then take 1-2 weeks to book a call and then an additional week to buy. During this time frame they could interact with many retargeting sources, organic sources or emails.

Not attributing the sale to the original ad that generated the sale would be a mistake since it was the true source of the customer.

However, if the customer took 2 months to buy after being seen and finally bought after clicking another source 2 months after their original click you would probably want to give credit to the last click. This is because the first click is no longer relevant to the actual conversion.

Scientific Mode allows you to look at your sales from unique angles like the one described above.

Watch Me Use Scientific Mode Below