Tracking Non Google/Facebook Ad Sources

This post will show you how to track other non main stream ad platforms using HYROS.

The Steps To Tracking A MISC Ad Source

The first step is to create a manual source to track the non-integratable ad source.

-To create a manual source go to your tracking tab HERE.

Once there click create new source link

From the source link creation menu name the source link, designate it’s category and goal. These are optional used to organize the data in your reports.

If you were tracking visitors from your Snapchat Ads and good way to fill out the form would be NAME : SnapChat Ads CATEGORY : Snapchat TRAFFIC SOURCE : Snapchat and leave the goal category blank.

You may also make the source a disregard source. This will not apply in most cases. For information on disregard source go here.

Hit save when you are done.

Step 2 : Placing The Tracking Source

Once the source is created it will show in list of sources on the source links page. If you do not see it immediately just search for its name using the search function.

Then look under the URL parameter column. You will see a URL parameter such as ?sl=snapchatads. Copy this URL parameter.

Next go to your ad source you with to track. Let’s stick to Snapchat ads in this example. Take the copied URL parameter and place it on the end of your ads final destination links.

For example

IF you already have URL parameters on your links you will need to ad the source URL parameter with an “&” in front of it instead of a “?”. This is because “?” opens parameters while “&” ads to parameters.

For example

WARNING : If your links are redirects ENSURE that the source parameter is in the final URL. For example you should CLEARLY see ?sl=snapchatads in the URL on the final destination. If the URL parameter is not there the track will not work. This problem can be fixed by removing the parameter.

This will complete your tracking. Do this on every ad on the platform you wish to track. If you want more detailed tracking create a source for each ad.

Watch Me Do This In Video