Tracking Non Google/Facebook Ad Sources

To track any misc source simply ad a source link parameter with the name of the source you would like to track to the end of a URL.

For example, if you want to track “Pintrest” and my ad link “” then just ad “?sl=pintrest” to “”.

The final url would look like this “”. Place this URL in any misc ad sources you would like to track.

HYROS will then create a source named “pintrest” and being attributing clicks and sales to it.

Watch me set this up in a video

Individual Source Link Tracking

To track specific traffic sources just change the text that comes after “=”

For example “sl=pintrestpost1”. This will create a source automatically named “pintrestpost1”.

For example, if you create 3 sources using this method such as “pintrestpost1”, “pintrestpost2” and “pintrestpost3” then when you load up a report you will be able to see how much traffic is coming in via each post. This can be useful for tracking the performance of individual sources/ads.