Ad Level Reports

Please note that all advanced reports are part of the Hyros Analytics suite. In order to use these reports please activate the Hyros analytics suite in your account.

Ad Level reporting allows you to view your data at the ad level and make decisions based on your best performing creatives/images.

IF YOU RUN DYNAMIC ADS: Please note at this moment in time Hyros is not able to track different creative combinations within a single ad.

To open an Ad report, please go to Hyros > Reporting and then click on the Ad Level Report:

Configure your report depending on what type of data you would like to see, you will notice there are no advanced configuration options at this point, you can currently only filter by source parameters such as source categories and goals.

When a report is loaded you will see a list of all your creatives along with any important metrics. You will also have the option to adjust the image sizes on the top right for a clearer view:

If you want to add metrics based on the funnel type of your business, you can go to presets and choose the one that fits your business (step 1), or if you want specifc metrics to be added on your report, you can select them from Columns (step 2):

Which Ad platforms can I use this report for?

For the initial iteration Ad Level reporting is only available for Facebook, Tik-Tok, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

What do we need to do to track creatives?

For the majority of ad platforms, we should not need to do anything to track creatives because we are already tracking at ad level. Please check step 1 in the initial set up guide and ensure you have followed all of these steps correctly.

Please note not all ad platforms currently allow us to track at ad level, because of this we won’t be able to use this type of report for these platforms. For example currently we can not track at ad level for linked-in.

Why can I not see images for my creatives?

Please take into account we need some time to receive image data from the ad platform once this feature is live. If you do not see any images or notice some are missing initially, then please allow 24-48 hours.

Some ad integrations may also require new permissions to send image data, so if you do not see images please try re-integrating with the ad platform by removing the integration and then adding it again inside your integration settings, and waiting 24-48 hours for the data to be sent into Hyros.

How are the LTV metrics calculated?

This is referring to the following metrics for LTV when viewing your ad level data:

These metrics do not take into account the date range selected for the report nor the attribution mode (last click/scientific mode etc).

Because these are LTV based metrics, they are always based on the first click.

They by default will calculate the average LTV of all leads (including leads who have not yet purchased) who first clicked on that specific ad over the specified timeframe.

To calculate this, we sum up the revenue made over the first 30/60/90 days from the initial ad click and divide it by the number of leads over that timeframe.

If you want to see the LTV for customers only: click on the advanced options in the report filter and toggle on “exclude leads without sales” as shown here:

This will then show you the LTV for all customers only, and exclude any leads who did not purchase over that timeframe from the LTV calculation.