Phone Close Forms

This is the easiest way of tracking calls correctly. Especially if your reps are manually processing the payments.

To access the forms, simply go to reporting -> customers -> sales and click on the “phone closing button” as shown below:

This will give you a form specific to your account, simply copy the URL and give that URL to your sales team. They can access this URL without logging in. Anytime they close, they just input the details as shown below and the sale will be matched with the correct lead inside hyros:

Recurring Purchases

If you would like to charge the user a recurring subscription, then please note:

Rebill time period: how often the sale will be created. If Month is selected, and number 1 is entered, the rebills will be generated every 1 month

Number of rebills: How many rebills will be charged. The first charge does not count as a rebill.

So for example, if you want to charge the customer every month for 12 months, you should select the following:

Rebill time period = 1 Month 

Number of Rebills = 11

That concludes the setup, if you have any more questions please reach out to the support team.