Hyros Direct Call Tracking

Please note that this is an early beta feature. If you wish to be a beta tester please reach out to the support team so we can activate this for your account.

Hyros supports both Local and Toll-Free numbers, since the subscription structure for each is different an alert will pop-up when a Toll-Free number is registered.

Inside Hyros we use the “Dynamic Number Insertion” method of tracking direct calls.

This means they dynamically change the telephone number your website visitors see based on how they came to the site.

When a visitor navigates to your website through one of the sources you’re tracking, our JavaScript code will detect the phone numbers on your web page and swap them with the correct tracking number.

The visitor’s source will then be stored, so they’ll continue to see the same tracking number each time they return to your website. We can use this information to identify a unique lead based on the unique phone number that is applied to them.

For example, if you had one business number (the actual number leads are routed to), and then 4 “tracking numbers” which are what the leads see:

Routing number (Your Business Number): 111-222-3333
Tracking number 1: 111-111-1111
Tracking Number 2: 222-222-2222
Tracking Number 3: 333-333-3333
Tracking Number 4: 444-444-4444

Then you have 2 Leads who come to your site within an hour period and book a call using the direct “Call us” button on your site.

Even though the number of your business is actually “111-222-3333”, on your site Lead 1 will see “111-111-1111” and Lead 2 will see “222-222-2222”,

Hyros can then use this information to identify and separate the correct Leads and ensure each unique lead has the correct journey and source information tracked.

Please also note, as long as you are using automatic number replacement to track all numbers following the default setup, Hyros will automatically attempt to identify the format of the number you have entered on the site, and use the very same format when inserting the number from the tracking pool.

If Hyros can not detect any format, it will default to this format: (123) 456-7890

Under the “tracking” tab select “Hyros Call Tracking“, this is NOT the same as the tab labelled “External Call Tracking”.

If you do not yet see this option then it is possible this has not yet been activated for your account, please see the support team to ensure that this is done.

Then enter the country code and area code for your main business phone number. This is the phone number that leads will actually call when they click on your call now/contact us button.

Please note at this moment in time, this is only available for US and Canada numbers.

Then select the Pool Size, this is automatically calculated for you based on the number of clicks tracked over the past few days, however if you wish to adjust this some further guidance is given towards the bottom of this guide.

Please also note that as we can only offer a limited number of phone numbers, sometimes your area code may not have enough phone numbers for you, in which case Hyros will suggest alternative area codes from the same state.

Using a different area code will not affect Hyros Call Tracking because these are just tracking codes and do not need to be located in the same area as your existing business number.

When you purchase your numbers (including Toll-Free numbers), these will be added to your billing plan and you will be charged from your next payment date.

Once you have purchased your plan, providing you have added the universal script to all of the pages that have direct call links, the numbers will be replaced automatically.

This is because “automatic number replacement” by default is turned on:

This significantly eases the set up process for you, however please take in mind that it will replace ALL numbers on the page.

If you do not want this, please turn “full phone number replacement” off and proceed to the dropdown below to complete the setup for specific call me now buttons/links.

Otherwise, the setup steps should be complete. run a test by clicking on a test ad following this guide, and then clicking on the call button on your site.

We will track a call providing the call is made for at least the amount of time set in the “minimum call duration” setting here:

This setting allows you to further customize which calls are tracked, however if this setting is set for too long a time, you may be missing tracking for qualified calls.

Wait one minute and check the leads inside of Hyros, you should see either an email based on the leads phone number, or just a phone number inside of the leads column, which should look similar to this:

If we use a phone number, when Hyros tracks an email later in the lead’s journey, we will swap the phone number shown with the new email address.

If you do not see this, first please ensure that your test call lasted for at least the amount of time set in the “minimum call duration” setting as shown above.

If you have checked that setting and your test call lasts longer, then please reach out to the support team and we can assist you further with the setup if it is still not working.

Local and Toll-Free numbers will be organized in separate categories and since they are part of different subscrption plans an alert will be shown when a Toll-Free number is being registered.

As mentioned above, by default we will swap all numbers on the page, which makes the setup process much easier. However if you want to select specific phone numbers to use this feature with, please follow these steps.

You will need to enter your phone number, with the country code of that phone number included.

Then please ensure you toggle Automatic Number Replacement OFF, otherwise all your numbers will be swapped on your site:

For most users, the only next step that needs to be taken is to click on “Copy HTML tag” in the “how to install” section.

You most likely should have already added the Hyros universal script to your site during the initial setup. Please make sure you have done so if this is not the case.

When you copy the HTML tag, you will be given a code based on your phone number which will look similar to this, but with your main business number attached: <a class="hyros-dni" href="tel:+1111222333">+1111222333</a>

Paste that code in the body section on your site inside the button where leads can click to call your business directly. Please also ensure our universal script is attached on the same page.

If you want it to have different text, such as “call now” you can simply change the text contained before the final </a> tag.

This would look like this for example: <a class="hyros-dni" href="tel:+1111222333">Call now!</a>

You can also make manual edits to this HTML code, to adjust the CSS so it appears as a button. Please note Hyros support can not assist you with editing code. Please seek support from a developer to make edits to the CSS.

If you have an existing call me now button you would like to add Hyros tracking too, instead of replacing the the entire button with the Hyros HTML tag, you can edit the HTML of the existing call now button, and simply add the hyros-dni class to the tag.

How to do this may vary depending on the software you are using, if you are having issues we suggest speaking with the page editor support for the specific software you are using, or seeking assistance from a developer if they are managing the page.

In this example, we are using wordpress blocks:

Find the option to edit the HTML of the button like this.


In this case, the standard HTML link for the button looks like this:

<a class="wp-block-button__link" href="tel:123-456-7890">Call Now</a>

So we would add the hyros-dni class, which would look like this:

<a class="hyros-dni wp-block-button__link" href="tel:123-456-7890">Call Now</a>

You can do this for all call now buttons on your site that you want to track with Hyros. Adding the hyros-dni class to the HTML link should trigger Hyros direct call tracking on any of your direct call buttons.

Then run a test by clicking on a test ad following this guide, and then clicking on the call button on your site.

We will track a call providing the call is made for at least the amount of time set in the “minimum call duration” setting here:

This setting allows you to further customize which calls are tracked, however if this setting is set for too long a time, you may be missing tracking for qualified calls.

Wait one minute and check the leads inside of Hyros, you should see an email based on the leads phone number inside of the leads tab, which should look similar to this:

If you do not see this please reach out to the support team and we can assist you further with the setup.

This is especially helpful if you are including any phone numbers in locations that we can not track with our universal script. Some examples of this are:

  • Third Party Websites (such as Google Maps)
  • Billboards
  • Phone numbers sent via a messenger app from your team
  • Direct call links/phone numbers in an email campaign

In order to track calls from these locations, you will need to take a phone number from your “scripted number” pool, these are the numbers that we use to rotate and track call now links on your tracked paged.

Then select “Move to Reserved Pool”:

This will reserve the number and remove it from your “scripted” number pool, meaning it will no longer be used as a rotated number to track leads who go through call links on your tracked pages.

When reserving the number, you will then add a @source tag to the reserved number.

In this example, let’s say you are trying to track calls that are made via your business information on Google maps. You will need add a name that makes sense to you, and then add a tag such as “@google_maps” to signify that the traffic is coming from Google maps:

Once reserved, you just need to make sure this number is manually placed on your Google maps information ONLY.

Because this number belongs to the number pool you purchased and is taken from your scripted numbers, when a lead dials this number it will redirect them to your main business number as it does with any of the other swapped tracking numbers in your pool.

Any Lead calling via that number will be given the assigned @source tag. In this case it will be “@google_maps”.

This will apply to any other phone number you want to track that is not located on a tracked page.

Your situation may be unique, so please do not hesitate to reach out to support to clarify the best way to track direct calls in your case.

Using Pool Rules is helpful if you have a lot of site visitors. In such cases we may face issues with the reliability of call tracking.

For example if you have a pool of 50 numbers and 200 visitors per minute to your site, each minute each number in the pool will be used by 4 different leads.

This can make direct call tracking unreliable. Creating Pool Rules can help address this issue by narrowing down leads who we track depending on the set criteria below:

By Default we will track direct calls from leads no matter where they came from, however you have the option of only tracking them if they come from certain sources, or blacklisting specific sources.

When selecting these options you will see the following list:

You can select these options to help narrow down exactly which leads you use direct call tracking with, therefore making tracking more reliable when you have too many total site visitors for the amount of numbers in your pool.

As mentioned above, Hyros will suggest a pool size based on the quantity of tracked traffic over the past few days, however it is important to understand how large this pool size needs to be so you can make manual adjustments based on your needs.

If your pool is too small and two visitors see the same tracking number, misattribution occurs – the information acquired on one visitor may be applied erroneously to the other. If you’re reviewing a lead and find that your visitor’s history is not making sense, and you notice multiple emails attached to each other, your pool number may be too small.

This is because two of your website visitors might see the same phone number on your website. As they separately navigate your site, because they are both seeing the same phone, we would combine their separate sessions under the person who contacts you first. This can misrepresent visitors’ session browsing data and lead to false impressions on how they are interacting with your site, including their visit history and attributed sales.

If you add more numbers than you need to, you provide a margin of safety against the above issue. Take note you will be charged per number in the pool, but the more you have the less likely leads will be missattributed.

You will need to have at a minimum enough numbers in the pool to cover the max amount of visitors we track per hour. When you enter a pool number, Hyros will point out how many visitors per hour this will cover tracking for, for example here you can see if the pool size is 2, it will enable you to track a maximum of 4 visitors per hour:

If you have any more than 4 visitors in an hour to your site, you will need to have a larger pool size to cover this, otherwise you risk misattributing calls and sales in the future.

You will also be able to see your existing numbers within your pool in your call tracking settings here:

If you would like to have direct calls recorded and stored inside your Hyros account, please ensure the “Call Recording” option is turned on:

Moving forward, this will then record direct calls tracked by Hyros and store them with each call inside the call tab under the “extra data” column:

If you want to understand how many calls were “qualified” calls based on the amount of time the call was ongoing, then you can do this by adjusting the “Qualified Call Duration” timeframe:

This will then mark any call that lasted at least as long as the time set in this field as a qualified call, which will allow you to see how many of your total calls were qualified in your reports.