Tracking LeadQuizzes Forms

Follow this guide to ensure Hyros tracks the email entered in a form hosted by LeadQuizzes. 1. Embed the Form to a tracked page If leads are sent to the form immediately from an ad or organic source click this is especially important. In order for Hyros to track the source you will need to

Tracking Survey Sparrow Forms

To track Survey Sparrow forms, we need to send the email to the page that the lead will be immediately redirected to upon completion. Follow these steps to achieve this: 1) Find the survey you want to track and click “edit survey”: 2) In the form builder, go to the final step of the form

Tracking Webflow Sites

First, copy the universal script here: Then, find the site you would like to track in your Webflow workspace and click “settings” as shown here: Inside the site settings, go to “custom code” and paste the universal script as high as possible in the head code section. Save the changes and then publish. This concludes

Tracking Hubspot Site Pages

This documentation is just for the purposes of tracking your site pages hosted on htHubspot. This will not necessarily enable you to track any embedded Hubspot forms on your site. At this moment in time, we can only track embedded Hubspot marketing forms directly, which can be setup following this guide. For your site pages,

Tracking Swipe Pages

To track any funnel pages inside of SwipePages, first copy the universal script below: Then select the landing page you would like to track and go to “settings”. Find the “tracking scripts” dropdown and past the universal script in the head section as shown below:   Repeat this with all Swipe Pages funnel pages that

Paperform Tracking

Tracking customer emails entered on paperform can be achieved in just 2 steps: 1 – Copy the universal Script below: 2 – When editing your form in Paperform, go to “Configure” then “Analytics”. Paste the universal script in the field labelled “Page load-scripts” as shown here: Repeat this with any form you would like to


Step 1 – Install the Universal Script Video Guide: Inside Hyros go to Tracking Scripts -> (opens in a new tab)”>Tracking -> Tracking Scripts -> Get script -> Copy script. Alternatively, you can copy the script below.  Step 2 – Add code to order confirmation page Inside your Squarespace account you need to install the

Ultracart Integration

To integrate Ultracart into Hyros, the integration must be done from your Ultracart account. Please refer to the Ultracart integration guide. Before you start integrating Ultracart into Hyros, you will first need to copy the API key from your Hyros account. Inside your Hyros account you need to go to Settings, Profile and copy the


To track your Webinar Fuel pages, just follow these steps: Step 1 – Copy the Universal Script Below: Step 2 – Go to your webinar settings by selecting “webinars”, clicking on your webinar that you want to track, and then selecting “settings” as shown below: Step 3 – Inside your webinar settings, go to third