Creating Custom Audiences With HYROS Data

This is a guide to syncing your FB audiences with HYROS data

If you haven’t integrated with Facebook yet, click here before following the video above.

Note: After syncing an audience with Facebook, that audience should be synced daily automatically moving forward.

Specific Tags vs Tag Prefix

When creating an Audience, you can select “Specific tags” or “Tag prefix” in the configuration. 

  • Specific tags: you will be able to select a series of tags you want from a dropdown to synchronize your audience with.
  • Tag prefix: with this option you’re able to enter the initial part of your tags and synchronize your audience with all tags that start with the configured text. 

In other words, if you have the following tags below and you want to include all of them in your audience:

Example list of tags you want to include:






You’ll just need to type in the tag prefix, for example, $stripe and all of the products that contain the prefix tag will be included in your audience. Once you start typing the tag prefix, you will be able to see the number of tags associated with the tag prefix.

Hyros Custom Audience Terms Not Accepted

If you have been told the custom audience terms have not been accepted, then please click on the link provided to accept the conditions. If it still does not work please ensure you have accepted the terms from the correct account. This error is from Facebook’s end and unfortunately can only be resolved by accepting the terms on the correct account.