POWER FEATURE : In-Report Journeys

Customer journeys, Cohorts and GEO-location are now part of every standard report in Hyros.  We’ve reengineered all of these key advanced reports, Lead Journey Reports, Geo-location, Cohort and Product Breakdown into a single, more powerful report which improves the way you read the data and take decisions. See a break down of exactly how EVERY

POWER FEATURE : Subscription Suite

Subscription suite represents a foundational component for businesses operating under a subscription-based model. This powerful feature enables you to link this back to your ads to determine which campaigns are driving higher subscription rates. How This Feature Grows Revenues (VIDEO DEMO) Use FORECASTING to predict how much revenue your subscriptions can generate. For more details

Qualified Call Tracking

First, please make sure you are aware of how you have configured your own UTMs based on what you are intending to track. Your UTM tracking should be consistent and make sense to you. Then follow these steps. This specific example is for the most common use case of tracking your campaigns (typically for email),

Option B – Sending Hyros Events to a Brand New Facebook Pixel

If you want to send data to a New Facebook pixel, follow the next steps: If you use Meta Lead generation Ads and you want Hyros to send the events back to your pixel for optimisation please enable the “Send lead ads Conversions” feature from within Integrations-> Meta-> Conversions

Start here

WARNING : BEFORE SETTING UP OFFLINE/CONVERSION API ATTRIBUTION READ THE FOLLOWING A) While using the HYROS conversion API for attribution is MORE accurate and USUALLY increases performance it is NOT always instant and will reset learning. SPLIT TEST and TEST performance first by only setting it as a goal or pixel for a few campaigns.

POWER FEATURE : Call & Lead Stages

Lead stages are a powerful staple feature of HYROS that let you track the progress and quality of leads/calls/demos entering your pipeline. You can then connect this back to your ads or traffic sources to see which sources bring the best leads and customers. How This Feature Grows Revenues (Video Demo) Setup Video Guide For

Custom Conversion Rules

This guide will show you how to customize how events are sent to your ad platforms using conversion rules. Conversion Rules are a great way to customize where you send events to and what is and is not sent based on pre-set conditions. Although there are plenty of other creative ways you can use this,

Using Hyros Events with Facebook Catalog Campaigns

Please note that this guide is for the catalog campaign step ONLY, please ensure you have also followed the “Main Setup” steps to allow events to be sent correctly, then you can proceed to the steps outlined below if you have catalog campaigns: How to Link the Facebook Pixel to Your Catalog Please follow the