Option B – Sending Hyros Events to a Brand New Facebook Pixel


Note that if you go ahead with sending events to a new pixel, you will need to collect at least 30-50 events before you start testing the new pixel. Then, you will need to test the new pixel on 1-2 ad sets against the existing pixel, until you end up seeing at least the same or better performance than your existing pixel!

If you want to send data to a New Facebook pixel, follow the next steps:

(Optional) – Send existing leads conversions

With the default configuration for sending data as offline conversions, the existing leads will not be sent back to your ad platform, only new leads will be send back to the pixel.

As an example, if the toggle is turned OFF, it means that the events that will be sent back will only be leads that opted in once. If the same lead opts in again from another source, then it will not be sent back as an offline conversion. At this stage, this lead is considered an existing lead.

If the toggle is ON, using the example above, whenever the same lead interacts with a new source and opts in again, then the event will be sent back to your pixel.


Proceed only if you use Lead ads for the optimisation of your campaigns

If you use Meta Lead generation Ads and you want Hyros to send the events back to your pixel for optimisation please enable the “Send lead ads Conversions” feature from within Integrations-> Meta-> Conversions