Release notes – 02/14/2024

Kajabi integration improvements 

We have developed a new architecture for our connection with Kajabi, which will bring us a big plus, allowing us to correctly track the value of our products, along with any other events, such as subscriptions, upsells, discounts and refund events. This update will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Acuity – Custom Lead stages 

In our latest release, we’ve launched custom lead stages, which allow us to track different points of a journey besides sales and calls. Acuity has now been added to our list of integrations that natively support this functionality.

More about how custom lead stages work, follow this guide: 

Infusionsoft integration updates 

We have improved the way we process sales in Infusionsoft, we can now track partial refunds. 

Shipping value and taxes metrics available for Kartra

We continue to expand the availability of shipping value and taxes metrics to other integrations too, and are now releasing this update for Kartra.

API updates

We have extended our API documentation by adding lead’s firstSource and lastSource properties to the retrieve leads endpoint

For more details, please follow this doc

Reports – Ad level improvements 

Decisions can now be made effortlessly with the integration of images at the ad level.

Direct Call Tracking Updates

Until recently, our direct call tracking system was exclusive to the United States. We have now included Canada as part of this functionality. 

To learn more about how Direct Call Tracking works, see this documentation

Facebook pixel updates

This latest sprint enhances the deduplication process more effectively than ever, ensuring that it operates at its optimal performance in all scenarios. 

Qualified calls 

Thanks to its upgrade, we can now offer even better reporting when it comes to calls events. We can now easily see the metrics of qualified calls inside of any type of reports.

To track qualified calls, follow the Dynamic Rule, How to create a dynamic rule for qualified calls section  

New metrics

For our main reports, we have launched these two new metrics, Unique Calls and Cost per Unique Call.

Dashboard updates

We’ve redesigned our approach to navigating views for quick reports, making accessing reports even easier through the new user interface.