SavvyCal Call Tracking

Follow this guide to track calls with SavvyCal.

First of all, please copy this universal script and ensure it is in he <head></head> code of all of your funnel pages, including the thank you page that you direct leads to AFTER they book a call:

Next, inside SavvyCal go to the link editor. Inside Settings g to “Post-Confirmation Behaviour” and toggle on “Redirect to a custom page”.

Finally make sure “Append event Confirmation Query string” is turned on below the redirect URL:

Once that is done, go to the URL rule settings inside Hyros and edit the “Automatic Calls” rule as shown here:

The only thing you need to do is add the thank you page URL (the page that you will redirect users to after they book a call) to the “words to match” field and click enter, then save:

Please do not change any other settings of the URL rule unless specified.

Once you have created that rule, you have completed the setup. You can test your call tracking by booking a call as if you were a lead. You should then see a call inside of Hyros.

If for some reason you do not see a call please make sure you have followed all of the steps correctly, and if you can not find the issue please reach out to the support team.