Release Notes – 08/23/2022

Using Hyros Data to Train Existing Google Conversion Actions

Similarly to Facebook, we now have the ability to add a transaction ID to Google’s pixel code and use that when we send the event into Google. This will allow Google to deduplicate events.

Originally you had to send Hyros events to a brand new conversion action in Google, but this update will give you the flexibility to send them to an existing Google event if you wish.

More details on how to do that, and what it does can be found in our documentation here :

Report ID For Troubleshooting

For any issues with your reporting, you can now send the support team a unique report ID, or a screenshot of the report ID, so we are able to replicate the exact same report.

The report ID should look similar to this, if you notice any reporting issues or discrepancies in the data, please copy this ID and send it to the team along with an explanation as to the exact issue and we will be able to investigate further:

Copy ID

This should reduce the time it takes to resolve reporting issues and allow us to find a resolution without needing detailed screenshots or details of your advanced report configurations when there is an issue. 

Lead Origin Improvements

Back end changes have been made to improve how we attribute leads who enter multiple emails throughout their journey. This more specific will allow us to recognize phone numbers in different formats, such as with and without the country code, and use those phone numbers to recognize that 2 different leads in Hyros are in fact the same person. 

We will also now allow names attributed to a child lead/email to be transferred to the origin email as well.

Search Tool for Connected Accounts

This is paricularly useful for agencies with lots of connected accounts. If you click on the profile icon on the top right, you will be able to use a search bar to easily find any connected accounts quickly:

Partial Refunds Now Available via InfusionSoft

Hyros will now be able to process partial refunds from InfusionSoft.

API Updates

You can now send discounts via the API, which will be reognized inisde Hyros.

For more information see our API documentation here:

Zapier Improvements

Our Zapier integration will be updated to include new fields on the “create order” action, which will give you the option to include discounts, taxes, and more. 

Please see this guide for more information on Zapier:

Cost to Aquire Customer Metric Now Available Inside Reports

To calculate this metric, we use the costs of each specific source aquiring the customer, and divide it by unique customers during that timeframe. 

As a reminder, a unique customer is a lead who purchased for the very first time in their lifetime during the specified date range.

If you do not see this new metric, you can edit columns using this tab:

Editing Columns