Activating and Using AI Pixel Training

AI Pixel Training is one of the coolest features we offer at HYROS. It allows you to pass our conversion tracking back to your ad platforms to train them to find customers better.

The good news is we handle all the techy stuff. It is an extremely easy feature to activate. Here’s how to do it for both platforms.

For Google

Google has BY FAR much better offline conversion features that allow for much better AI training.

To use activate Google offline conversion tracking and AI training

  1. One go your Google ads integrations tab HERE
  2. If you are integrated with Google simply flip the offline conversion tracking toggle at the top of the page

THEN from within your Google ads dashboard

  1. Wait for a sale to come into HYROS
  2. Once it has an offline conversion named after it will be created in your Google conversions area
  3. Go your campaigns that sell this product and set the conversion goal to the HYROS conversion that was just added in the conversion area.

That’s it! You are now AI pixel training with Google. Your ad campaigns will now optimize according to the conversion data that HYROS sends into Google.

For Facebook

Here is how to set up offline conversion tracking and AI optimization for Facebook

WARNING : Please make sure you accept FB’s terms and conditions AND disable “Facebook limited data usage” by following the guides at the end of this page, otherwise offline conversions will NOT work.

CALL FUNNEL WARNING : Do not use offline conversions to track calls. Create a conversion for phone sales then wait till you have 30-50 closes. Then set optimization of your ads for the phone sales conversion. Stick to using the front end pixel for tracking booked calls.

E-COM STORES : When setting up offline conversions for a store with MANY products create a conversion based on the entire dollar range of your store.

Here’s are the steps to activating offline conversion tracking and AI optimization. THIS IS QUITE TRICKY so please use the video above and use the text only as a quick reference.

1.Ensure you have integrated HYROS with your Facebook ads. If you have not follow this guide and return after.

2. After integrating return to your Facebook Integrations area and activate offline conversion tracking with Facebook. Do this by flipping the “activate offline conversions” toggle at the top of the page.

3. Then select the the account you would like to send conversions too under Facebook Conversions and then flip the “Enable Facebook Conversions Toggle”


1.Go into Facebook and go to Custom Conversions and then Go To DATA sources.

2. Ensure that “HYROS conversions” is showing in your data sources. Then return to custom conversions.

3. Set a custom purchase conversion that uses the HYROS conversions.

4. Set the price of the product you want to track. FB matches a conversion by the value or price sent in.

5. Name the custom conversion and hit create.

6. Go to “business” setting and ensure that the data sources and custom conversion is added to the ad account you want to use.

7. Once this is done you can display the conversion in your ad manager columns using the custom column set up.

8. To optimize for this custom conversion and train your AI around the new accurate data source you must CREATE A NEW ad set. Then under the conversion settings select “store sales” and select the custom conversion.

If you do NOT see store sales set up a store on Facebook following these directions :

WE SUGGEST letting the custom conversion generate a few days to weeks of data before using it as your conversion source if it has a very limited amount of conversions. After the conversion has built up data THEN use it for conversion optimization.


1) Accepting Facebook’s Terms and Conditions

In order for Facebook to receive the data, you MUST make sure that you have accepted FB’s terms and conditions. To do this follow these steps:

1.Go to your Facebook account and select “events manager”.

2. Inside your events manager, select “Connect Data sources”.

3. Select “offline” and click “get started”.

4. Accept the conditions. If you do not see any conditions you have probably already done this.

2) Disable “Facebook Limited Data Usage”

In order for Facebook offline conversions to work, you also need to disable “Facebook Limited Data Usage”.

You can do this easily by accessing your Facebook integration here and then turning the toggle off following the example below: