AI Pixel Training / Offline Conversions


A) While using the HYROS conversion API for attribution is MORE accurate and USUALLY increases performance it is NOT always instant and will reset learning. SPLIT TEST and TEST performance first by only setting it as a goal or pixel for a few campaigns. AGAIN DO NOT PUSH PIXEL/TARGETING CHANGE ACCOUNT WIDE UNTIL YOU HAVE CONFIRMED BETTER RESULTS.

B) ENSURE in Google that you do not have ACCOUNT wide conversion goals on. If you do this will DOUBLE the conversions entering your account. Set your conversion goal to HYROS conversions OR specific conversion goals. IGNORING THIS CAN MESS UP AUTOMATED BIDDING RULES. DO NOT USE ACCOUNT WIDE CONVERSION GOALS IN GOOGLE AND OUR API AT THE SAME TIME.

C) We are here to help HOWEVER YOU are responsible for the results of changing pixels and targeting in your account. Please make sure you know what you’re doing before changing your targeting and/or swapping pixels. Reckless changing of targeting and pixels can result in dips in performance.

D) Please ensure ads are tracking correctly before continuing. If there are errors you will be pushing back inaccurate data to the ad platform. Please wait until the onboarding team has confirmed tracking accuracy or reach out to support to ensure your ads are tracking correctly.

AI Pixel Training is one of the coolest features we offer at HYROS. It allows you to pass our conversion tracking back to your ad platforms to train them to find customers better.

What type of data do we track?

This feature does NOT allow you to send custom conversion information such as opt-ins or the number of attendees or users who reached a certain page. However, it does allow you to send sales, calls and leads to your ad managers.

The good news is we handle all the techy stuff. It is an extremely easy feature to activate. Here’s how to do it for both platforms.

Please follow the video setup below:

Please view the video set up below:



Adding Custom Sales Rules

By default, Hyros will send all sales conversions to the same pixel, and to the same event, and do the same with Calls.

Creating custom sales and call rules will allow you to send events to a specific business, pixel and as a customized conversion event depending on the set criteria. This way you can send Hyros data to multiple pixels with a variety of conversions depending on your specific use case.

You can create a new sales rule inside your Tik Tok integration settings. Just select the specific tik tok integration you would like to adjust the rules for, click configure and then go to sales or call rules:

When creating rules, you have a few different conditions to choose from. These are the current conditions available:


If the lead has any of these tags – This is based on the lead and NOT the sale. So if the lead has the tag selected, anything they purchase in the future will be sent according to this rule.

For example, you can set a rule so if the lead has a “!ShopifyStore1” tag, then it is sent as X conversion event to X pixel, but if the lead has a “!ShopifyStore2” tag, then it is sent to as Y conversion to Y pixel. In this case, you are sending the data to different pixels/as a different event depending on which Shopify Store the user came through.

If you are not aware of how our tags work in Hyros, please review the guide HERE.

If the tag for the product is any of these – This rule is based on the purchase itself, and not the lead. This allows you to choose how specific products are sent.

If the sale or call has price – This again is based on the product. Any sale made that matches the value selected will follow this rule. For example if you want to select all free trial “purchases”, you can select this condition, with a value of “0”.

If the sale is recurring – This rule is based on if the sale event is marked as “recurring” inside of Hyros. This may be useful if you want to optimize around initial sales only, or want to send recurring sales to a specifici pixel or under a specific custom conversion name such as “Recurring Purchase”.

We highly suggest reading our documentation HERE to understand how sales are marked as recurring inside Hyros before using this.

You also have the option to toggle on “do not send conversion”. This will block any conversions from being sent if the selected criteria is met for that event. An example of this will be if you want to block any free trial events from being sent, you can either create a condition for the product tag itself, or for any sale with a value of 0. You could also block all recurring sales so that you are optimizing around initial sales only.

Rules can be prioritized, and if no events meet the criteria of any custom rule, the event will be sent to Tik Tok using the default rule.

We advise against sending the data to an existing Pixel as a standard event already tracked by TikTok. This has been known to mix Hyros data with TikTok’s and causes duplication issues. Please be aware that you are responsible for the outcome of setting these rules incorrectly, and we strongly suggest waiting to gather data and testing before optimizing around Hyros conversions account-wide.