Option B – Sending Hyros Events to a Brand New Facebook Pixel

If you want to send data to a New Facebook pixel, follow the next steps: If you use Meta Lead generation Ads and you want Hyros to send the events back to your pixel for optimisation please enable the “Send lead ads Conversions” feature from within Integrations-> Meta-> Conversions

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WARNING : BEFORE SETTING UP OFFLINE/CONVERSION API ATTRIBUTION READ THE FOLLOWING A) While using the HYROS conversion API for attribution is MORE accurate and USUALLY increases performance it is NOT always instant and will reset learning. SPLIT TEST and TEST performance first by only setting it as a goal or pixel for a few campaigns.

Custom Conversion Rules

This guide will show you how to customize how events are sent to your ad platforms using conversion rules. Conversion Rules are a great way to customize where you send events to and what is and is not sent based on pre-set conditions. Although there are plenty of other creative ways you can use this,

Using Hyros Events with Facebook Catalog Campaigns

Please note that this guide is for the catalog campaign step ONLY, please ensure you have also followed the “Main Setup” steps to allow events to be sent correctly, then you can proceed to the steps outlined below if you have catalog campaigns: How to Link the Facebook Pixel to Your Catalog Please follow the

Option A – Sending Hyros Events to your Existing Facebook Pixel

This setup can be completed in 2 steps, with an optional 3rd step should you wish to deduplicate events more accurately. If you have catalog campaigns and wish to optimize around Hyros events, please also view the drop down labelled “Using Hyros events with Catalog Campaigns” below. Step 1 – Configure Events to be Sent

Option A – Sending Hyros Events to your Existing Snapchat Pixel

This guide covers how to send events back to your existing Snapchat Pixel and events. This is the most recommended way to send events to Snapchat, however it’s not possible to do in all cases.  IMPORTANT – Requirements for Setup To be able to send events to Snapchat’s existing pixel and events and utilize deduplication, you