Using Hyros Events with Facebook Catalog Campaigns

Please note that this guide is for the catalog campaign step ONLY, please ensure you have also followed the “Main Setup” steps to allow events to be sent correctly, then you can proceed to the steps outlined below if you have catalog campaigns:

How to Link the Facebook Pixel to Your Catalog

Please follow the steps from Facebook’s documentation HERE to connect your pixel to a catalog.

Please take in mind that Hyros will send the SKU with the sale into Facebook, and use this as the content_ids field. Because Facebook specify that this field for each product should match exactly with the ID of that product inside the catalog, you need to ensure that your ID inside the catalog is the SKU of the product if you want to utilize Hyros events for optimization.

Once you have connected your pixel to a catalog, then you can follow the steps below to set the event to optimize around Hyros events.

Please note this video specifically covers what you need to do if you are sending Hyros events to a separate pixel, however if you are sending Hyros events to your existing pixel following the main setup guide, you can simply continue to use your existing pixel: