Step 1 – Tracking your Funnel Pages

If you are using the GoHighLevel Funnel builder then tracking your funnel pages should be easy. First, copy the universal script below:

Then inside of GoHighLevel go to your funnels and select the funnel you would like to track. Inside the funnel settings, paste the universal script as shown:

Do this for all of your funnels inside GoHighLevel

Step 2 – Tracking the Call

Now that all of your pages are tracked, you will need to adjust your calendars to track a call booked.

First, either create a new calendar or edit one by going to settings -> calendar as shown below:

When editing your calendar, go to confirmation settings and then scroll down.

Under the “form submissions” you must select “form submit redirect URL”. This will NOT work if you do not redirect the user upon submission.

Then insert your thank you page URL, and copy the following parameter and paste it at the end:


See an example below:

Lastly, when embedding your scheduler, please follow these steps:

1) Ensure that the Button action for the calendar is “Use action from calender builder”:

2) Embed it on your tracked funnel page as a calendar and not an iframe/Custom JS/HTML. This is not mandatory to track the call but is recommended:

Step 3 – Run a Test Call

Simply go through your funnel as if you were a user. Upon booking a call and being sent to the thank you page, you should see the phone number and email inside the URL. It should look something like this:


After a few minutes, you should also see the call listed with the email inside the calls tab in your hyros account.

If you do not see this, please contact the support team for further assistance.