Step 1 – Create the Integration inside Magento

The callback URL and Identity link URL must be left blank:

Step 2 – Adjust API Settings

Click API and enable to following resources exactly as shown below:

Step 3 – Create Integration Inside Hyros

Using the store URL and access token inside your magneto account, go inside your hyros account integration settings and click on Magento, or click HERE. Create the integration and then copy the webhook, you will need this for later.

Step 4 – Install Webhook Extension

Install this extension to your store:

If you are not sure exactly how to install an extension, please follow THIS GUIDE set out by Magento.

Step 5 – Configure the Webhooks in the System Tab

In the System tab, configure the webhook for the events. You will need to create the “invoice” event, “refund” event and the “new customer” event. For each of the three types of events, the options shown need to be configured like this.

Payload url: Paste the Webhook provided in Hyros here. You should have copied this from your hyros integration in step 3.
Method: Post
Authentication: Basic
Content-type: Application/json
Body: Each event has its own body (see below)

For the body, go back to your Magneto integration inside hyros and click “get bodies” as shown below:

You should see a list of different codes to add to the body for each of the 3 events. Copy the codes and place them in the body section for each event when configuring the webhook.

Step 7 – Add the Universal Script to your pages

Please copy ensure that the following Universal Tracking Script is attached in the header code of your website pages:

This concludes the setup. We recommend running a test on your end using our testing app HERE. If you are not able to run a successful test please reach out to the support team.