Manually Tagging Sales

Use this video to manually assign sales to a customer in your HYROS account. This works best for sales call based funnels with only a few high dollar sales a week.



Step 1 : Go to your PRODUCTS TAB HERE.

Step 2 : Click NEW PRODUCT. Name it for your reference, set its sale price and ad it to category

Step 3 : Next go to your SALES AREA.

Step 4 : Click IMPORT SALES

Step 5 : Import sales using the listed format and then select the product you created in STEP 2 from the tag menu. You may set the date and also assign multiple sales at once using the importing format. You may also just copy and paste a list of emails.

Step 6 : Click send. HYROS will manually attach the sales to the emails provided.

Remember: Sales will be assigned to the origin email of the email you assign the sale to. Here is more information on origin emails.