Manually Tagging Sales/ Other Tags and Deleting Sales

Use this video to manually assign sales to a customer in your HYROS account. This works best for sales call based funnels with only a few high dollar sales a week. You can also use this guide to manually add @source and !action tags, which can be helpful if you need to correct an error made in your account. For more information on how these tags work also see THIS GUIDE.



Step 1 : Go to your PRODUCTS TAB HERE.

Step 2 : Click NEW PRODUCT. Name it for your reference, set its sale price and add it to category

Step 3 : Next go to your SALES AREA.

Step 4 : Click IMPORT SALES

Step 5 : Import sales using the listed format and then select the product you created in STEP 2 from the tag menu. You may set the date and also assign multiple sales at once using the importing format. You may also just copy and paste a list of emails.

Step 6 : Click send. HYROS will manually attach the sales to the emails provided.

ALTERNATIVELY – Click on a customer email, go to “purchases” and then click “add sale”. You will then be able to add a sale for a specific customer and select the date that the sale should be applied.

Remember: Sales will be assigned to the origin email of the email you assign the sale to. Here is more information on origin emails.

Manually Adding Sales via CSV

If you would prefer to upload sales via CSV, you can do so using the following columns. Please read the descriptions carefully and the example CSV below to ensure you use the correct format:

Email: The purchase email of the lead. This field is always required.

Tags: You can add any type of tag in here including a $sale, !action or @source tag depending on what you are looking to add to the lead. The most common tag will be the $sale tag for the purposes of uploading sales.

Price: If the row contains a $sale tag, you can indicate the individual price for that sale here. If the row contains a different type of tag you can leave this empty.

NOTE that if you have already created the product inside hyros with a value assigned then that value will be applied automatically unless otherwise specified, so adding the price will not be necessary.

Date: 2020-04-12 12:30 (date in YYYY-MM-DD + time, separated by a space. Time is optional but recommended).

Cost: If the row contains a $sale tag, you can indicate the individual cost for that sale. This cost will be reflected as a hard cost for that sale, which can later be excluded in the revenue inside your reports if desired.

Currency: If the row contains a $sale tag, you can indicate the currency code. If not present your default inbound currency will be used. Please see THIS GUIDE to understand how inbound currencies work.

Type: If the row contains a $sale tag, you can optionally specify if it corresponds to a “SALE” or a “CALL” product. If not present it will be considered as a sale.

Here is an example of how it may look:

Once you have completed your CSV file, you can upload it by going to the