Add A HYROS Account For Yourself Or A Client

In order to add a new account for yourself or a client follow the instructions in this video. If you are an approved agency you can also receive a commission by entering your First Promoter code.

You may apply to get referrals for your agency here. Please use the first promoter guide in the video and text below to generate commissions for your referrals.

If you have a First Promoter code you have been approved by Alex Becker manually. Please reach out to Alex if you have any questions.

You may add accounts on this page in your HYROS dashboard

How To Receive Commissions On Added Client

To receive commissions for clients you ad follow these steps

Step 1 : Get your first promoter code. Your first promoter code can be found in your First Promoter dashboard. Copy the text AFTER the “=”

DO NOT copy the entire link or the FPR part of the link. JUST copy everything after the “=”.

Step 2 : Paste this text in the First Promoter input in your PROFILE under Settings. Then hit save.

New clients added will now generate commissions in your First Promoter account.

How To Get VIP Assisted Set Up Support For New Clients

VIP Assisted Set Up Support is where we build a Facebook messenger group and your client will have our analyst standing by for assisted set up.

This is only for VIP clients. To qualify your client must

-Be on a plan that bills at above $1,497 a month

-Made an upfront payment of at least $3,500. An example of this would be buying our lowest plan at 1 year upfront.

If they qualify please tag our affiliate manager SETH BIAS (here is a link to contact him on Facebook, just send him a message) and he will create the group. Message him saying you have added a new VIP client and he will create the Facebook group.


Do not worry. Every agency should have a direct support line with Seth and an analyst. While we cannot assign a rep directly to your client you can still ask questions and get help in your direct support messenger group. Your client may also use In App support in the lower right hand corner of every page.