Why Wait To Set Up Email, Organic and Offline AI Tracking

One common desire we get from customers is wanting to rush to set up tracking for EVERYTHING right away and activating offline conversions for AI pixel tracking ASAP.

While we appreciate the pro-activeness this can cause more damage to tracking than good if done BEFORE completing basic set up.

Why Does This Hurt Tracking If Done First?

The first goal of HYROS is to ensure ad tracking is 100%. The best way to do this is to plug HYROS into your ads following our set up docs and compare the results. Then use the results to detect gaps in tracking or errors and fix them.

For Organic/Email Tracking

If you turn on organic tracking and email tracking BEFORE confirming ad tracking is set up organic sources can get credit for errors in tracking. This will give a false positive and attribute sales to the wrong source. When this happens the wrong sources will get credit. To prevent this, we make sure that ads are always tracked COMPLETELY first.

Also note: HYROS tracking is strong enough to track 90-100% of sales without needing email tracking. Email tracking can often be ignored completely. Wait till your ad tracking is perfect to turn on email tracking because the email will take credit for a ton of ad sales when turned on wrong.

For Offline Conversions and AI Optimization

The same problem applies. If ad tracking in set up docs is not COMPLETELY done you can end up passing data to ad platforms that is not accurate. This will also often make it impossible to detect the gaps in your tracking and result in making tracking hard to read.

Wait till your tracking is confirmed to be accurate BEFORE passing it to ad platforms OR the data passed will cause more problems than good!