Acuity Call Booking Integration

Follow the written steps below to integrate Acuity with HYROS.

1- Login into your Acuity dashboard and go to

2- Pick CUSTOM CONVERSION tracking from the list of integration. A code input box should appear.

3- Alter the URL of the page in the code below to your thank you page. Then paste it in the code input box that appeared.

<script type="text/javascript"> = '';

BE SURE TO REPLACE THE with your actual thank you page URL.

Here is what you should see inside Acuity:

4- Ensure the Universal code is in the header of your thank you page

5- Finally, you need to add a url rule by clicking here. Click add new URL rule and follow these steps to create the rule:

This will complete your Acuity integration. Book a test call and make sure it appears in your calls section HERE.