Kartra Integration

Video Guide:

Tracking Kartra Funnel Pages:

1- Copy the Universal Script below:

2- Inside Kartra, go to my pages and find the page you would like to track. Click edit.

3 – Inside the page editor, go to settings, and inside tracking codes paste the Universal script inside the field labelled “Embed Facebook Ads Tracking Code”. Save the page.

4- Repeat this for all your kartra pages.

Tracking Sales with Kartra

WARNING: You MUST embed your checkout on a tracked page in order for sales to be tracked correctly. Please ensure that the checkout is embedded and that the page has our universal script shown above inside the <head> code of the page. If you need assistance with this please reach out to support and let us know what software you are using to host that page.

1- Go to https://app.hyros.com/#/mh/external-services/cart-integration/kartra , set the name, and tag to “Kartra” and follow the prompts to complete the integration.

2- Once done, click configure and generate a webhook by clicking the GENERATE WEBHOOK button.

2- Once done login to your KARTRA account and go to INTEGRATIONS –>API–>MY API

3- Go down to outbound API and activate your outbound API function

4- You will see an option to add an URL. Add the webhook URL you generated in step 2

5- Set the webhook to fire when the product you want to track is bought at any price point. Ad all the products you want to track.

This will complete the Kartra checkout integration.