To connect CallRail to Hyros follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Create the integration inside Hyros

1. Go into settings -> integrations -> select the CallRail Integration.

2. Click “Create New Integration”.

3. Create a name for the integration, such as “CallRail”.

4. Then click the “Configure” button and copy the Webhook URL that you will use in the following steps.

Step 2 – Add the Webhook

1. Go to your CallRail account, click Analytics (step 1), then click Settings (step 2) and select Webhooks (step 3)

2. Once in Webhooks, paste the webhook you just copied earlier into the Post-Call and Form Submission fields.

3.Save changes.

That concludes the CallRail integration.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that every call answered is considered a Call sale in Hyros.

What if the Lead does not enter an email?

In some cases with CallRail, leads may not enter an email when booking a call, but just a phone number. Although normally Hyros needs an email to track a call, in this specific case if the email is not available we can still track the call using the phone number only as long as you have integrated correctly following the steps mentioned above.

Inside Hyros you will still see an email, as all tags must be attributed to an email inside the app, however it will be a customized email based on the phone number of the lead, should no email be present.

For example, if a lead’s number is 1234567, then the call sent from CallRail will be shown inside Hyros attributed to the lead email ““.