CallRail Integration

Integrating with CallRail

To connect CallRail to Hyros follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Create the integration inside Hyros

1. Go into settings -> integrations -> select the CallRail Integration.

2. Click “Create New Integration”.

3. Create a name for the integration, such as “CallRail”.

4. Then click the “Configure” button and copy the Webhook URL that you will use in the following steps.

Step 2 – Add the Webhook

1. Go to your CallRail account, click Analytics (step 1), then click Settings (step 2) and select Webhooks (step 3)

2. Once in Webhooks, paste the webhook you just copied earlier into the Post-Call and Form Submission fields.

3.Save changes.

That concludes the CallRail integration.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that every call answered is considered a Call sale in Hyros.

What if the Lead does not enter an email?

In some cases with CallRail, leads may not enter an email when booking a call, but just a phone number. Although normally Hyros needs an email to track a call, in this specific case if the email is not available we can still track the call using the phone number only as long as you have integrated correctly following the steps mentioned above.

Inside Hyros you will still see an email, as all tags must be attributed to an email inside the app, however it will be a customized email based on the phone number of the lead, should no email be present.

For example, if a lead’s number is 1234567, then the call sent from CallRail will be shown inside Hyros attributed to the lead email ““.

Tracking Direct Calls

How Does it Work?

Call Rail uses a “Dynamic Call Insertion” method of tracking direct calls.

This means they dynamically change the telephone number your website visitors see based on how they came to the site.

When a visitor navigates to your website through one of the sources you’re tracking, CallRail’s JavaScript code will detect the phone numbers on your web page and swap them with the correct tracking number.

The visitor’s source will then be stored, so they’ll continue to see the same tracking number each time they return to your website. We can use this information to identify a unique lead based on the unique phone number that is applied to them.

For example, if you had one business number (the actual number leads are routed to), and then 4 “tracking numbers” which are what the leads see:

Routing number (Your Business Number): 111-222-3333
Tracking number 1: 111-111-1111
Tracking Number 2: 222-222-2222
Tracking Number 3: 333-333-3333
Tracking Number 4: 444-444-4444

Then you have 2 Leads who come to your site within an hour period and book a call using the direct “Call us” button on your site.

Even though the number of your business is actually “111-222-3333”, on your site Lead 1 will see “111-111-1111” and Lead 2 will see “222-222-2222”,

Hyros can then use this information to identify and separate the correct Leads and ensure each unique lead has the correct Journey and source information tracked.

Below we will see exactly how to set this up:

Video Setup Guide:

Hyros Snippet, please replace the 2 copies of the phone number here with your own before adding to your embedded phone number link:

<div data-calltrk-noswap style="display:none">
  <a class="external-dni" href="tel:+1112223333"> 111-222-3333 </a>

Written Setup Guide:

Step 1 – Integrate with Call Rail

Please follow the above guide if you have not done so yet.

Step 2 – Create the Number In Call Rail

You can do this by going “settings -> Tracking -> Numbers”, then selecting “create number”

For the number setup, please configure it as follows:

  1. Use it online
  2. On my website
  3. Enter your business’ number
  4. Calls, Keywords and Web Sessions
  5. Track All Visitors
  6. Choose how many tracking numbers you would like to make

    Here is some more detailed documentation from CallRail which explains how to decide how many to make:

    CallRail has a rule, take the maximum traffic your page has had in the last two weeks and divide that by 4.

    Take into account that a low quantity of tracking numbers could lead to misattributed data.
  7. Number Features are optional

Step 3 – Insert Javascript Code

You can find Call Rail’s Javascript code inside “Settings -> Integrations ->JavaScript Snippet “

Please copy the code and paste it on all of your funnel pages, just before the “</body>” tag.

A more detailed overview of how to install the javascript code along with how it works is contained here:

Once you have installed the Javascript, please also test the URL of the pages you have added it to. CallRail have an automatic testing feature to confirm the javascript is installed correctly, which you can find here:

Step 4 – Insert the second piece of code on your direct call button

First find the exact routing number that leads will be sent to via CallRail, as shown in the video guide. This is the number that you will actually be using to receive calls.

If your routing number is “111-222-3333” then the code should look like this:

<div data-calltrk-noswap style="display:none">
  <a class="external-dni" href="tel:+1112223333"> 111-222-3333 </a>

As you can see there are 2 copies of your number here. The numbers after “tel:” should be in the exact format as shown, with no spaces or extra characters.

The numbers located before “</a>” can have one of the three following formats:

  • 111-222-3333 
  • 111.222.3333 
  • (111) 222-3333

Please copy that code and insert it on the same button where the direct call link is located.

Please note this will NOT work if you just add the code to the same page in the <body></body> tags like you did with the Javascript Snippet in step 3. It needs to be placed in the same section as the phone number.

If you have any questions about that please reach out to the support team with more details, showing us how you have added the phone number to your page.

Step 5 – Paste your real phone numbers in the “business” number field

Next, you need to copy any of your business numbers or support numbers and add it inside your Hyros account. You need to go to the external call tracking tab and paste the phone number in the “Add business number” field, then click save:

Adding the your real phone numbers to the “business number” field will ensure that the these numbers will not be tracked on your site, but only the routed tracking numbers.

This will prevent miss-attribution issues in the case that CallRail have issues swapping any phone numbers with the tracking number.

This concludes the setup, if you notice that it is not tracking correctly, we would advise reviewing CallRail’s documentation HERE and we will also be happy to investigate further, so please reach out to the support team.