Creating Disregard Source Rules

Disregard sources are a way to make sure important source clicks are not overshadowed by assisting clicks. Setting a source as a DISREGARD SOURCE tells HYROS to not attribute a sale to a source if another source was clicked 72 hours prior to the disregard source.

Here Are Two Examples

Example A

If you have an ad that is clicked and then an ad retargets that visitor and they buy shortly after you would probably want the first click to get credit.

The solution would be marking the retargeting source as a disregard source so that the first more relevant click gets credit.

Example B

You have an ad that sends your user to an opt in. The user then opts in with their email and clicks the first email you send them and buys.

In this case you would want the first ads click to get the credit for the sale since the email had little do with it.

The solution would be marking the the email as a disregard source. This would cause the ad to get credit.

How To Set Sources As Disregard

To set a source as a disregard source go to your TRACKING section in HYROS. You will land in the source link section.

Once in this section find the source you would like to mark as a DISREGARD SOURCE and click the three dots on the far right. Then click “edit”

A form will appear with options for editing the source.

At the bottom of this form will be a checkbox to mark the source as a disregard source.

Check this checkbox.

The source will now follow DISREGARD SOURCE rules.

This concludes this guide.