Facebook Integration Set Up

Note 1 : Updating ads will reset the learning phase, may reset engagement, and will require Facebook to review and re-approve your ads. This should not dramatically effect ad performance. The ROI gained/saved from tracking ads will greatly outweigh and justify the re-learning.

Note 2: Although Facebook’s behaviour is unpredicatable, if you want to reduce the chances of social proof being reset, follow THIS GUIDE instead of the first step in the video, which covers adding the parameters. You will still need to follow this guide for the rest of the setup.

Note 3: This will NOT work for Messenger Ads, please reach out to support if you are using messenger ads.

Note 4: Do you already use the Wicked reports URL parameters? You can go directly to the Wicked Reports section at the end of this article.

Facebook Ads Video Set Up Guide

To track your Facebook ads take the parameter below and paste it in the tracking url parameter area of EVERY ad in your Facebook ad accounts and hit publish.

HYROS Facebook URL Parameter : fbc_id={{adset.id}}&h_ad_id={{ad.id}}