Facebook Integration Set Up

Facebook Ads Video Set Up Guide

Note : Updating ads will reset the learning phase. This should not dramatically effect ad performance. The ROI gained/saved from tracking ads will greatly outweigh and justify the re-learning.

To track your Facebook ads take the parameter below and paste it in the tracking url parameter area of EVERY ad in your Facebook ad accounts and hit publish.

HYROS Facebook URL Parameter : fbc_id={{adset.id}}

Written Guide
Step 1 : Place this URL parameter in the tracking area of EVERY ad in your ad account : fbc_id={{adset.id}}. (Seen at 0:25 in the video above)

This will place tracking on ALL links, even those in the content of the ad when clicked.

IF you already have UTMs or parameters in your tracking area ad our url parameter with an “&” sign.

Example : utm1&fbc_id={{adset.id}}


Step 2 : Create a preview link like in the video above at (1:43). Click the link and ensure that your link has our tracking parameter and the campaign ID in the link. It should appear cleanly in the URL.

The url below is an example of a clean parameter. It should appear exactly like it does below.


If your final url is not showing the parameter or is messy use the trouble shooting guide below.

NEXT : Integrate with your Facebook account here. This will be able to access all ad accounts you have admin access too.

THEN move to step 2.


Facebook Trouble Shooting

IF your final url does not show the parameter at all make sure you are not using a redirect like bit.ly.

IF your final url show the parameter in a messy way such as “%%fbc_id%=214234” make sure you did not put a “?” before the parameter AND if you added it to existing UTM make sure you placed “&” before it.

IF the parameter will not show after the steps above contact your onboarding rep on Facebook OR use support via the live chat in the lower right hand corner of this page and say “My Facebook ad URL parameters are not working”