Adding Facebook Parameters Without Resetting Social Proof

WARNING: This is NOT a guaranteed workaround. Facebook can behave unpredictably, but based on our experience so far this should allow you to add parameters without resetting social proof. Please test on an ad first before moving forward with this.

The benefits of tracking correctly should far outweigh that of engagement, so for this reason we would normally recommend following the standard set up for Facebook to add parameters for your ads. However, if you are concerned about this, this workflow should help you.

Step 1:

  1. Instead of duplicating the ad, click edit ad.
  2. Go to preview.
  3. select “Facebook Posts with comments” and copy the post ID from the URL.
The post ID is located at the end of “post/” in the url as shown here

Step 2:

  1. Create a new ad.
  2. For Ad setup, choose “Use Existing Post”.
  3. Paste the Post ID.
  4. Copy the Hyros Parameters here: fbc_id={{}}&h_ad_id={{}}
  5. Scroll down to the URL Parameters in Facebook, paste the Hyros parameters and hit Publish.

This should keep the social proof on your ads. Do this for all ads you’d like to track, and then continue with the Facebook set up in step 1 of the initial guide, THIS DOES NOT CONCLUDE THE SET UP FOR FACEBOOK.