Tracking LeadQuizzes Forms

Follow this guide to ensure Hyros tracks the email entered in a form hosted by LeadQuizzes.

1. Embed the Form to a tracked page

If leads are sent to the form immediately from an ad or organic source click this is especially important. In order for Hyros to track the source you will need to embed your form within one of your tracked pages (a page with the Hyros Universal script attached).

LeadQuizzes have some documentation HERE which walkthrough how to embed your quiz onto your site.

2.Ensure that you are redirecting leads to a custom page upon completion

Follow THIS GUIDE to understand how to setup a redirect. This must be a page which belongs to you that you are tracking with our Universal script.

3. Follow the guide HERE to send information submitted in the form to the redirect URL.

So if your redirect URL is this:

LeadQuizzes should pass on any information submitted from the form and add it to the end of that URL, like this:

The email is the most important thing for the purposes of tracking with Hyros.

4. Test the form.

Enter some details into the live form as if you were a lead and submit. You should be redirected to the custom URL you set and you should see the email cleanly attached.

It’s important to note that the email may use a different parameter depending on the name of the email field. We will only track very specific parameter names, so we are specifically looking for email= in the URL, if it is anything else Hyros may not recognize the email.

If you’re unsure how to adjust this our support team would be happy to investigate with you, please reach out to the team for further assistance.