Keyword Reports

IMPORTANT: Keywords report is only available for users with Google’s V2 integration, which is coming soon.

Please note that all advanced reports are part of the Hyros Analytics suite. In order to use these reports please activate the Hyros analytics suite in your account.

A Keywords report will allow you to deep dive into your Keyword performance across your Google Ad Groups.

To load a Keywords reports click HERE or select the “Keywords” report under the “Reporting” tab.

Select the attribution mode that you would like to view data in here:

You can use any other filters you like as well, but please take in mind this report type is only for Google ads at this moment in time.

The report will be formatted in the same way as our other standard reports such as last click, first click and scientific mode. The main difference to be aware of is that instead of ad level data you will have keyword level data when selecting a source link, as you can see here:

Ad level data is not available for these type of reports at this moment in time.