Google Tag Manager

First, please note:

On most occasions, the tracking scripts may be placed in your Google tag manager without issue. However, for the most accurate tracking, we recommend adding the scripts directly inside the header of each page.

It is optimal to place the scripts at the VERY top of your load order.

Step 1 – Create an account

Click HERE and select “start for free”.

Fill out the details as shown below and click “create” to create your account:

Step 2 – Install the code on your site pages

Once you have created an account, you should see the following instructions, follow them in order to install Google Tag Manager on your site:

If you do not see this right away, you can easily access the code inside admin -> install google tag manager:

Step 3 – Adding the Hyros Universal Script

First, copy the script below:

Then inside Google Tag Manager, click “add tag” and configure the tag and trigger as shown below:

Once you click save, select “publish and create version” when prompted to push the tag to your pages. This should complete the set up.