Schedule Once/OnceHub Integration

Please ensure that you have placed the universal code on your call booking and call thank you pages.

Schedule Once Video Set Up Guide

Written Guide
If you are using Schedule Once as your call scheduling software follow these simple steps

1- Log into ScheduleOnce and go to to SET UP (

2- Access the event type that you want to track.

3- Go to “booking form and redirects”. Scroll to the bottom on the page and check off “Send booking confirmation to redirect page”

4- Ensure you are redirecting to a thank you page

5- Ensure this is done on every “event type” you would like to track.

This will complete call tracking set up.


1- Opt into your call funnel

2- Wait 1-2 minutes after opting in ensure that your email has entered

3- Next book a call on your call booking page and make sure you complete the book as are redirected.

4- Wait 1-2 minutes, then check your CALLS section to ensure that your call has been tracked. If asked click “INDEX INFORMATION” on the call section.

5- Click your email and ensure the $call tag has been applied

If you see your email enter the system and have a $call tag attached to it then you have completed set up and are ready to move to the next step.

If you do not use the troubleshooting guide below.

Trouble Shooting Schedule Once

IF you do not see the email enter the system at all ensure that your UNIVERSAL code is in the header of your booking page and call booking thank you page.

THEN confirm that you have checked the ““Send booking confirmation to redirect page” checkbox under “booking form and redirects” for the event type you want to track.

THEN confirm you have done this to the right event in Schedule Once.

THEN redo the test above. If you see the email come in with the $call tag move to the next step.

-IF you do not see the $call tag make sure you are collecting the phone number on your Schedule Once form

THEN redo the test above. If you see the $call move to the next step.

IF it fails after the two test above contact support via chat in the lower right hand corner and say “My calls are not showing in the system”