Currency Conversion

Hyros allows you to convert the currency that we receive from your payment software and display a currency of your choice easily inside Hyros.

To configure your currency conversion settings, just go inside your true tracking settings HERE, and select the correct currency on your Inbound and Outbound Currency:

Inbound Currency – This refers to the currency that your integrations are using. For example, if sales are shown in USD inside your payment processor account, select USD.

IF you are using multiple currencies for different payment softwares that are integrated with Hyros, you can select the inbound currency for each specific integration inside the Integrations tab. Just click on the integration you wish to use to convert your currency and change the inbound currency. Inbound currencies set on a specific integration will take priority over the inbound currency set inside your true tracking settings.

Outbound Currency – This is the currency that Hyros will show inside your account, and what you will see inside your reports. This NEEDS to match with the currency shown inside your ad accounts, otherwise, the data will not make sense when comparing with Facebook or Google.

At this time we only allow a single outbound currency. Having multiple outbound currencies would cause confusion inside your reports as it would be displaying multiple currencies alongside each other.

If you already have sales inside your account, you can select the option to “Update Sales Prices” to change the currency on your previous sales as well. Please ensure that the inbound currency is correct first before doing this though.

Currency Conversion – Manual setup

There may be certain scenarios in which you want to review data using a “flat value”, for these cases we have the option to configure the currency conversion manually from Hyros > Settings > True Tracking, just by clicking on the button on the right side of Inbound Currency and Outbound Currency respectively:

After clicking on the Custom Currency Multiplier button we can type in the currency conversion rate we want Hyros to prioritize between your selected curency (GBP in our example) and USD:

Inbound Currency/Outbound Currency:

Note: Please take into account this change is not retroactive and only affects events once a Custom Value is set, right after activation all events will have this currency conversion rule applied and it will be kept running until it is manually deactivated, even if the real-time conversion rate changes.

Multiple Currencies from a Single Store or Integration

This is most useful when you have an e-commerce store or any funnel that accepts multiple currencies on the same site. In order to convert these values correctly, you will need to select “Grab currency from event” inside your integration as shown below:

This ensures hyros does not assume that all values are in the inbound currency only. Hyros will instead read the currency from each sale, then convert that currency to the selected Hyros currency.

This is not available for all integrations.

WARNING: Currency Conversion and Your Revenue Cap

As you know, your account is billed depending on revenue tiers. If you go above the cap for your pricing tier, you will need to upgrade your subscription in order to continue to receive data. This is why it is VERY important to configure your inbound currency correctly. For example, if you have your inbound currency set to USD (by default), but you’re actually using pesos, Hyros will assume that number is in USD and you will reach your cap much faster than you should.

For more information on how your billing plans work, please see HERE.