How To Refer Affiliate Sales

This guide will cover how to refer client to book a demo call with us. If the client closes to a HYROS deal you will receive a 30% commission. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1 : If you are not an approved affiliate apply at to become HERE

Step 2 : Once you have been approved go to your First Promoter Dashboard HERE and login.

Ad your first promoter parameter/affiliate code to the link below. Fully replace everything after the “=”.

This means fully replace ***INSERTYOURFPCODEHERE** with your first promoter affiliate code.***INSERTYOURFPCODEHERE**

Step 3 : That is it. If your referral books a call and becomes a HYROS client you will receive a comission

If you need help us talk to your affiliate manager OR tag us in the affiliate support Facebook group.

Here is how to do this in video (Please Watch To Make Sure You’ve Done This Correctly)