To connect to Hyros follow the steps below.

Inside your Hyros integration settings, go to the integration HERE.

Now follow the prompts given to set up the integration in Hyros. You will need to find the following from your account:

  1. API Login ID
  2. Transaction Key

You will be able to find these inside via “Account” -> “Settings” -> “API Credentials & Keys”

Once you have successfully created the integration inside Hyros, select “get webhook” and copy the webhook.

Go back to your account. Select “settings” -> “webhooks” -> “Add endpoint”:

Then fill in the endpoint information as shown below:


When saving the webhook if the error message appears “Error: please integrate a signature key from the merchant/partner interface to create a new webhook”:

Go to settings -> API Credentials & Keys as shown above and then create a new Signature key here:

Sales not coming into Hyros?

Please make sure sales are coming into with an email attached, otherwise the sale will not be sent into Hyros.

If you’re still having issues, please contact your onboarding rep or in-app support.