Clickfunnels Integration

NOTE: Please only use a single webhook. If you have more than one funnel you are tracking, you should use the same webhook for both.

Step 1 – Tracking your Funnel / Checkout pages:

You will need to follow 1 of 2 flows depending on how you process payments:

Follow this video to track all of your funnel pages, inlcuding your checkout page:



Place your UNIVERSAL script inside your funnel settings as shown in the guide and then move on to the next steps. You can copy the code here:

Please follow this video to ensure that you do NOT add the Universal Script to the Checkout page, then just ensure that the email entered at checkout matches with the call booking email:



1- Place your UNIVERSAL script in the header of all pages EXCEPT for the Checkout page. You can copy the script below:

2- When entering sales, ensure your sales team input the same payment email as the call booking email used.

Step 2 – Add the Webhook To Clickfunnels

  1. Create a webhook using the CLICKFUNNELS INTEGRATION HERE
  2. Once the integration appears, click “configure”. Then click “get webhook”.
  3. Copy the webhook and go to the “SETTINGS” area in the Click Funnels funnel that houses the checkout you wish to track
  4. Scroll down and click Webhooks
  5. Paste the webhook you copied into the webhook URL
  6. Under events ONLY ADD:
    – “purchase created”
    – “purchase updated”
    – “purchase destroyed”
  7. Leave all other options alone and complete the webhook set up.
  8. Do the same with any other funnels you want to track sales with, please use the same webhook. There is no need to create a brand new integration inside Hyros following step 1.

You have now completed the Clickfunnels Setup.