Lead Journey Reports

Please note that all advanced reports are part of the Hyros Analytics suite. In order to use these reports please activate the Hyros analytics suite in your account.

Lead Journey Reports are a great way to understand the most common journeys a lead goes through in order to make a purchase or call. This helps you understand how all of your sources work together and your most profitable journeys.

It’s important to note that just keeping it simple and making decisions based on last click and scientific mode will be more than enough to scale 99% of the time. However you can use this report if you want to really deep dive into customer journeys and understand exactly how all of these different sources are interacting with each other.

Please see below for some more specific information related to Lead Journey Reports:

Written guides:

Deep Dive into your Traffic Sources

Deep Dive into your Traffic Sources

By default we show your most common lead journeys based on the traffic sources of each click. However you always have the chance to dive deeper into this to view the source categories, source links, and source link ads that the lead went through.

Then see ad level here:

Key Metrics Explained

Key Metrics explained

This will impact the stats that are shown for each journey and also where the lead journey ends. Currently there are 4 key metrics you can select from, all of which are shown here:

If you were to select Total Revenue for example, then you will see the total revenue for each lead journey, including recurring sales (unless you choose to ignore recurring sales in the advanced options).

Because revenue is based on sales, the end of the journey will be when the “Purchase” occurs. If you were to select “Calls” or “Customers” then the end of the journey would be based on when a “call” or “customer” event occurs.

What happens if a lead journey has multiple sales?

As you will notice, each journey only contains a single purchase, which ends the journey displayed in the report.

However this does not mean that the journeys are based on first sales only. We take into account ALL sales by default.

For example, let’s say a lead has the following journey:

@fbad -> $purchase1 -> @Googlead -> $purchase2

Because currently there can only be a single purchase in each journey, inside a journey report this will be split into 2 journeys:

  1. @fbad -> $purchase1
  2. @fbad -> @Googlead -> $purchase2

As you can see the second journey includes all sources from the beginning up until the sale in question, but will not show any sales in between.

The same will apply to any customers or calls depending one the key metric selected.

Using Source Filters

Using Source Filters

The filters for this specific report in general work a little differently to most other reports.

The main difference is if you filter by traffic source, source category, source link or source link ad, you will be filtering by first click only:

So for example if you were to filter by the traffic source of “Facebook” like this:

Then the lead journey report will look like this:

As you can see you will only see the most common journeys where leads initially came from Facebook as their very first click, and then show you their full journeys from that point up until the end of the journey.

The same can be done for source categories, source links or source links ads.

For example if you wanted to filter by a specific source link ad (which would be any ad from your ad platforms which allow for ad level tracking), then simply us e the “source link ad” filter to view all journeys which began from a specific ad.

Organic Source

Organic Source Filters

Like with filtering by specific sources, these also work in a slightly different way.

If you choose to ignore organic sources in the advanced options of a report, this will ignore any journey with any organic source clicks, even if an ad click is present.

Same goes for filtering by organic sources only, this will only show journeys where the whole journey is based on organic clicks. If any ad clicks are present in the journey, then the whole Journey will be ignored.

To allow all lead journeys to be included, select “include organic sources” here:

Filtering by products

To Filter by a specific product or group of products, you can choose to filter by product or product category here:

Then this will show journeys based on those specific products only, and ignore any other lead journeys.