Tracking Hubspot sales

Step 1 – Track your Hubspot pages

For your site pages, first copy the Hyros Universal Script here:

Then just select the settings icon inside Hubpsot, go to “website” -> “pages”, choose which domain you would like to track and paste the universal script under the site header HTML as shown:

Then save any changes.

Step 2 – Create the integration inside Hyros

1. Go into integrations -> select the Hubspot integration. (opens in a new tab)”>settings -> integrations -> select the Hubspot integration.

2. Click “Create New Integration”.

3. Create a name for the integration, such as “Hubspot”.

4. Click on Edit and scroll down to “Set up of the stage considered as Won”.  Type in or select the desired stages and then Click on the “Change property values” button.

This will conclude the setup. Please move on to the next step.

Optional step: Blackilst products from sale processing

Within the Hubspot integration you also have the option to blacklist certain types of events. In order to enable this feature please access the Hubspot integration and click on “Edit”. Once here, scroll down and the ” Add or remove products to be blacklisted from sale processing” option will be visible.

Add the value of the product you want to blacklist and click “Save values”