Unqualified Call Tracking

First of all for this to work, you will need to ensure you are tracking calls correctly.

To do this all you need to do is follow these easy steps. If you haven’t done this already please make sure you complete all the steps in the Sales call funnel Initial set up guide BEFORE proceeding.

At its basic level, we will track all calls equally, and you can view data related to calls inside the reports. If you want to separate calls that you consider unqualified from your call stats and exclude them when calculating your cost per call then follow this guide.

Take in mind that this feature is for calls only, and does not work for standard sales in Hyros.

Written Guide

Click here to edit your URL rule and then select “advanced” settings.

You need to signify keywords in the URL that will identify a disqualified call. To do this, ensure calls that are unqualified leads are being sent to a URL with a unique parameter or keyword.

For example, if your standard thank you page after booking a call is www.hyros.com, you can send unqualified bookings to www.hyros.com?Unqualified

Then, in advanced settings, enter the keyword that will be contained for ALL unqualified bookings ONLY. For example in this case the keyword will be “Unqualified”.

Moving forward, any lead that books a call that is sent to that page with the word “unqualified” (or any other keyword you set) in the URL will be marked as an unqualified call, which will not be used to calculate your cost per call and will be contained in a separate “Unqualified Calls” column inside the reports:

Test the setup for each call funnel by booking a test call. You should see your call inside Hyros within a few minutes inside reporting -> customers -> calls, which can be accessed by clicking here. You should also see the call under the “unqualified calls” column in your reports.

If you do not see that, then please reach out to the support team for further assistance.

Manually Configuring Calls as Unqualified

If for some reason a call has not been automatically marked as unqualified that should be, then you can simply select the call and click “Mark as unqualified” inside the “sales data” tab as shown here:


Please note you can also do the same thing directly in a loaded report when deep diving into specific calls. Just select the call and do exactly the same as above to mark any call as unqualified.