Adjusting Tracking Domains

Why Adjust your Domain?

Although Hyros is the best tracking software on the market, our tracking capabilities can still be limited when users utilize anti-tracking software.

Issues with this should be rare, but they will vary depending on your unique business and audience.

This feature was designed to minimize the damage of anti-tracking software so you can track as accurately as possible. This will allow you to adjust the universal tracking script to your own custom domain, minimizing the damage of ad-blocking tools to your tracking.

Configuring your Tracking Domain in Hyros

First, inside your True Tracking settings, go to the tracking domains tab. Click “Add domain”.

Enter your custom Domain. Please take the following in mind when entering your domain:

  • The domain you use must NOT be already in use in another part of your business.
  • You CAN use a subdomain of your existing parent domain. For example, if your business is hosted at, you can set your tracking domain to
  • Avoid using keywords like “track” or “tracking” for your subdomains to lower the chances of getting your domain blacklisted by crawlers.

Setting up your CNAME in your DNS Provider

Once you have chosen your domain, you will be given the following information:

  • Domain (the same one you just set up)
  • Type (CNAME)
  • Target (A unique target for your tracking domain)

It should look like this:

Copy this information and use it to set up a new DNS record of the type CNAME.

Once you have done this, go to the domain in your tracking domains tab in Hyros and click “continue”, then “I’ve configured the CNAME Record”. This will start the verification process for your domain.

Using your Custom Tracking Script

Once the domain has been verified you will be able to copy the script directly from the tracking domains tab, or from the tracking script tab. Please ensure you select the custom domain before copying the script as shown here:

Take in mind that this script is not available within any links inside this documentation at this moment in time. To select a tracking script with the custom domain, you MUST go inside the app to copy the script as per the screenshot above.

Then just paste the script in-between the <head></head> code of your funnel pages. If you already have the standard universal script installed, then replace it with the one containing your custom domain.