Madgicx Integration

Written Guide

This integration is made on Madgicx’s platform, so we advise reading their documentation HERE for more information. However, the integration process is very straightforward:

Step 1 – Copy the API Key from your Hyros account.

Step 2 – Inside your Madgicx account, go to your settings and select the ad account you want to connect with hyros.

Step 3 – Next to “integrations” select the + symbol and paste the API key when prompted.

How to use Hyros Data with Madgicx

You will be able to run Madgicx’s Automations & Autonomous Ad Optimization capabilities using your Hyros data

Hyros will also be integrated with the following tools:

  • Strategic Dashboard
  • Ads Manager 2.0
  • Mass Audience Launcher
  • Bid Testing
  • Audience Studio
  • Autonomous Budget Optimizer

That concludes the set up! Now you have access to the hyros integration and can make use of our data inside Madgicx.