Bing Ads Integration

This document will guide you through the process of integrating your Bing ads with Hyros.


Please note that if you already use existing parameters at a specific level, you must place the parameters at the same level. Otherwise, please follow the steps mentioned in the documentation below.


Main Setup

Video Guide


PMAX Campaign Parameter: {lpurl}?h_campaign_id={campaign_id}&bng_special_campaign=true

Written Guide

Step 1- Please go to Hyros > Settings > Integrations and click on the Configure link below Bing Ads:

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Click on +Add Account to start the process, give a name or a nickname to your account, click on Bing Ads Sign in and follow the prompts:

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Step 2 – Please access your Bing Ads account and click on Ad Groups, select all your ad groups and click on Edit, after that please click on Change URL options:

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Please add the Hyros tracking script for Bing to the Tracking template field. The script to use is:


If there are no existing UTMs in the tracking template field we need to add a landing page redirect script {lpurl}? at the beginning of our code.

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If other UTMs are present please connect our tracking code at the end of the existing UTMs through an ampersand sign (&) as shown in the example below:


Click on Save to complete this step of the process.

Step 3 (Optional) – To confirm the tracking script has been added to all our Ad Groups please scroll to the Tracking Template column:

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If this column is not visible please activate it from Columns > Modify Columns > Attributes and then click on Add next to Tracking Template.

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“Need admin approval” error

Please follow this guide if you are trying to integrate with Bing and see an error similar to this:

The most common cause of this error is simply not using an account that has “admin” or “super admin” access to the bing ads account that you want to track with.

Please check your account and ensure that you see “Super Admin” Under the Account Role tab and that this access is given to the same account email that you are using to create the integration. It should also have access to all of the ad accounts that you are trying to track with under the “Access to” section as seen here:

If you have checked this and are sure that the account you are using has the correct access, then there may be a different error here:

If Your Organization Has Access to Microsoft Azure Active Directory

The error is caused by User permission settings in corporate MS Azure Active Directory. Specifically, the option “User can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf” is set to “No”, along with the setting for accessing the groups’ data, as shown here:


There are 3 ways of resolving this issue:

Solution 1 – allow the end users to register consent for Apps on their own.

  1. Log in to Azure AD using Admin credentials
  2. Go to Enterprise applications → User settings
  3. Switch the setting “User can consent to apps accessing company data on their behalf” to Yes

Enabling of the setting “User can consent to apps accessing company data for the groups they own” is optional.

Solution 2 – Grant Admin Consent for a Specific Application

  1. Log in to MS Azure AD ( with Admin credentials.
  2. Go to Enterprise Applications.
  3. Select All Applications.
  4. Type “Hyros” in the search field to find the App and select it.
  5. In the App security settings, open the “Permissions” tab and click “Grant Admin Consent for {Company Name}”.
  6. Log in with Office 365 Admin credentials and click “Accept” in the “Permissions requested” dialog that appears.
  7. Refresh the page with Permissions for the application you’ve just registered consent for.
  8. The list of consent permissions will be displayed in the Admin Consent tab on the Applications page.
  9. After that, all the users should be able to integrate with Bing inside Hyros.

Solution 3 – Grant Access to Hyros via the Local Office 365 Admin Account

The local Office 365 Admin can register consent for the App on the initial log-on. This method requires the Office 365 Admin to integrate in Hyros.

Setup actions to be performed by the Admin (Notice that this is not a Bing Ads admin, this is the admin of the Office 365 Subscription).

  1. Integrate with Office 365 Admin credentials in Hyros
  2. In the following “Permissions Requested” dialog window: select the checkbox “Consent on behalf of your organization” and click Accept

If the authorization is successful, a successful notification will appear. Now the consent to use the App has been granted for the whole organization and all end users in it are allowed to integrate Hyros with Bing.

If the Office 365 subscription admin does not want to have an integration using their credentials, the previously created integration can be deleted and replaced now with anyone in that organization.


This completes the process! Please contact your Onboarding Analyst if you have any questions.