Digistore24 Integration

Step 1 – Create the integration inside Hyros

1. Go into settings -> integrations -> select the Digistore24 Integration.

2. Click “Create Integration”.

3. Create a name for the integration, such as “`Digistore24”.

Step 2 – Add the Webhook

1. Go to your Digistore integration inside HYROS and click “configure”.

2. Click Edit and copy the webhook.

3. Next, go inside your Digistore account, go to Settings, and select Integrations: 

4. Inside integrations, click on Add new connection button, and on the next page scroll down and select generic:

5. Name the connection Hyros and then scroll down to the IPN URL and paste the webhook you copied from Hyros.

6. Next, you need to update “Success validation” to the HTTP code (expects:200). When you have finished, click Save and Test connection button

Once you have received this notification after clicking the test connection button, this concludes the Digistore integration.

Step 3 – Adding our UNIVERSAL Tracking Script

1. Copy the UNIVERSAL Tracking Script below

2. Next, inside your Digistore account follow the next steps:

  • Go to Settings and select Tracking:

  • Next click on the Set up the New tracking
  • Follow the guidelines below:

Important! Once you have finished following the above steps, and before saving the entire configuration, you will need to send an email to Digistore24 support (code@digistore24.com) and include the Universal script for review and confirmation.

Once you receive confirmation from Digistore24 support, you will be able to save your tracking configuration and the integration will be completed.

Note! If you need further assistance in setting up Digistore24 integration, please contact Hyros support or your onboarding analyst.