Tracking Pinterest Ads

Note: Do you already use the TripleWhale URL parameters? You can go directly to the TripleWhale section at the end of this article.

For Catalog campaigns ONLY: Under ad details insert {unescapedlpurl}&pnt_id={adgroupid} in the “Third Party Tracking” field as shown below:

For any other campaign type, please follow the video guide below:

Hyros UTM Tracking Parameter for Pinterest: ?pnt_id={adgroupid}&h_ad_id={adid}

Add UTM tracking parameters to multiple ads

You also have the option to add our UTM parameters to multiple ads via the Destination URL collumn in your Pinterest account.

First make sure to enable the Destination URL collumn from and select the campaigns you want to track:

Once this is completed, click on Ad level, go to the Destination URL collumn and add our Pinterest tracking parameter at the end of each URL:

This completes the setup for Pinterest, please see below for any other optional steps:


Written Setup Guide

Step 1 - integrate with Pinterest inside Hyros inside your integration settings HERE.

Step 2 - Copy the Tracking parameters below the video, paste it at the end of the URL inside the "Destination URL" field.

If you have another ad type that does not have this field, there should be a "Tracking Template" or "URL parameter" field that you can also add our parameters to. Please reach out to support if you need assistance with this.




  • TripleWhale Pinterest URL parameter: padid={adid}

If you already have  TripleWhale parameters installed in all your active Pinterest ads, there is no need to follow the steps above. You just need to integrate your Pinterest account from here.

Once you have confirmed the integration, you can proceed to the next step in the initial setup process.

Optional Steps

Manually Importing Ads 

This is especially useful if you have any awareness campaigns where a call to action button is not present or traffic isn’t being sent to your landing page.

Normally, as soon as a click event is tracked from an ad, it is automatically imported into Hyros along with the costs and other relevant information. However, if there is no click event to be tracked, you will need to import the ad manually into Hyros in order to receive the costs from that source.

NOTE: This will NOT enable you to track view through conversions or associate any ads without a call to action button with purchases. It WILL allow you to track the costs associated with the ads.

To configure this, simply go to your Pinterest integration, click configure and click “Import” as shown here: