How To “Deep Dive” Into Your Data

This guide will show you how to dive deeply into your ad reports and find the small critical details of your customer’s behavior.

Deep Diving 101

When you have loaded up a report in the columns area you will see this icon for every source in the sales column. Clicking it will take you into “DEEP MODE” reporting.

Click the chart icon to activate deep mode reporting

Deep Mode Reporting

Deep mode will show you the list of sales that occurred in the time frame the report is set to show from the SOURCE associate with the row clicked.

It will also show the product purchases, amount of purchase, first click, last click and the customer email.

Deep mode shows you all the sales from the source in a given time frame and tons more relevant data.

Digging Even Deeper With The Customer Profile and Seeing Their Journey

If you click the customer email in this mode you will load up their customer profile. This will show you all their tags, their click history and tons more information about the user.

If you would like more information on how to use and read this data go to this article about VIEWING THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY.

This concludes how to do a deep dive into your customer info.

Watch Me Do This In Video Here