How To Fix No Sources

When you are experiencing a lot of “No Source” sales on the reporting board it can be frustrating. Especially if tracking is set up right. Use this guide to fix the problem.

The Steps To Fixing No Source Tracking

Watch me execute the steps below in this video.

Realize There May Not Be A Problem

Sometimes you may just have a lot of traffic coming from Google search or untracked sources. Your ad and sources may be tracking perfectly.

Investigate the referral URLS and Click History Of Your No Sources

When you load up a report on the REPORT BOARD you can view the information of your NO SOURCE customer.

Load up DEEP MODE and click on the customers emails to view their journey and click history. There are a few things you should look for that are the “usual” cause of failed tracking.

Deep mode can be loaded up by clicked the graph icon under the details or sales column when you load up a report.

Issue #1 : Ad traffic WITHOUT your HYROS URL parameters

One of the most common mistakes made is not placing URL parameters on ALL ads. When you are going through your click history look for

-Ads WITH FBCLID or GCLID in the URL but no HYROS URL parameters (FBC_ID or GC_ID).

-Ads with UTMs that you’ve set up WITHOUT HYROS URL parameters (FB_ID or GC_ID).

All Google and Facebook traffic gets FBCLID or GCLID added to the URL as a parameter. You may have already added your own UTMs to ads. Seeing traffic with either of these WITHOUT or HYROS AD PARAMETERS is a dead give away that you missed some ads on set up.

Use this guide to check your Facebook ads if the issue is with links with FBCLID in the URL.

Use this guide to check your Google ads if the issue is with links with GLCID in the URL

Issue #2 : Ad traffic WITH HYROS AD PARAMETERS that is marked no source

If you see traffic coming in with our ad parameters in the URL BUT are being marked as no source you have likely not integrated with Facebook or Adwords correctly.

Follow the integration directions below and make sure

For Facebook

-You have access to all the Facebook ad accounts for the business

-You have admin access to all ad account

For Google

-You are connect to the actual ad accounts and NOT a MCC account. You need to connect to the ad account itself.

-You have added all ad account for the business in HYROS.

Make sure of these things and follow these guides

Facebook Integration Set Up

Adwords Integration Set Up

Issue #3 : Detect Untracked Traffic Source

When looking at the users click history look at their referral URL and previous URLs. These will usually give indicators of where the user is coming from ESPECIALLY.

For example, you may see or recognize sites like


-Blog posts

-Other pages on your sites you may not have tracked.

-Links from other ad platforms (AKA not Facebook or Adwords)

-Traffic from your emails (these will usually have distinctive parameters added by your autoresponder)

When you do investigate these sources and created tracking for them. These are usually organic sources. Follow the guides below to track these “no sources” if this is the case.

Tracking Organic No Sources

Tracking Misc Ad Platform No Sources

Tracking Email Traffic

If you can not set up tracking using the above guides, for example, if traffic is coming from a site not owned by you or that you do not have control over, then you can track using this guide:

Tracking via URL rules

Issue #3.1 : Detect Untracked Funnels

If you see NEW sales (not recurring sales) coming in with absolutely no click history they must be coming from a route you have not tracked. These can be

-Funnel you have absolutely no tracking on

-Checkouts you have no tracking on

-Other sites you may have that you have no tracking on

-Sales team members inputting the Sale with the incorrect email. (See HERE).

The best way to fix these NO SOURCE customers is to look at what the product being sold is and ask yourself

-What funnel sells this

-How would this product get sold

-How do people get to this product

Then go an investigate the ads, pages, funnels and sites related to these products. Once you find the source identify the type of funnel it is from the list below and follow the initial set up guide to track it.

Sales Call Funnel

Webinar Funnel

E-Commerce Website

Standard Digital Sales Funnel (Clickfunnels Style)

If you do not see any of these issues tag your onboarding manager.