Hyros tracking parameters

In the following guide you will find the distinct UTM parameters used in major advertising platforms and miscellaneous sources like organic traffic.

Paid Ad platforms

Facebook Ads UTM


Google Ads UTM

Shopping and Smart Shopping Campaigns – {lpurl}?gc_id={campaignid}&g_special_campaign=true

Performance Max Campaigns – {lpurl}?gc_id={campaignid}&g_special_campaign=true

Smart Campaigns – ?g_special_campaign=true&gc_id=

All other Campaigns – {lpurl}?gc_id={campaignid}&h_ga_id={adgroupid}&h_ad_id={creative}&h_keyword_id={targetId}&h_keyword={keyword}&h_placement={placement}


Note: For Smart Campaigns please add the CampaignID after the “=” sign.

Tik Tok Ads UTM


Bing Ads UTM


Twitter Ads UTM


Note:  please add the Ad GroupID  after the “=” sign.

Snapchat Ads UTM


Pinterest Ads UTM


Miscellaneous Ad Sources

AdRoll UTM


Reddit UTM


Taboola UTM


Organic Traffic

Add manual parameters to track specific organic links

To track traffic accessing the above link, we need to addthe custom parameter “el” at the end of the URL link and we can name it whatever we want, normally a unique name to be associated with that source, for example ?el=youtubeorganic. This process is identical to all organic link tracking

The final URL link should look like the below example:


If we have existing UTM’s attached to the links ( utm_source, utm_campaign etc.) we need to make sure that we add the & sign between the parameters:


Email tracking

In order to track specific links from your email campaigns, you need to add the he= and el= parameters at the end of the URL link.

Depending on your email software that you are using, you need to copy the email parameter that is associated:

    • Active Campaign: ?he=%EMAIL%&el=email

    • CleverReach: ?he={email}&el=email

    • Drip: ?he={{ subscriber.email }}&el=email

    • GetResponse: ?he=[[email]]&el=email

    • ConvertKit: ?he={{ subscriber.email_address }}&el=email

    • Mailchimp: ?he=*|EMAIL|*&el=email

    • Klaviyo: ?he={{ email }}&el=email

    • Aweber: ?he={!email}&el=email

    • Infusionsoft/Keap: ?he=~Contact.Email~&el=email

    • Clickfunnels: ?he=#EMAIL#&el=email

    • OmniSend: ?he=[[contact.email]]&el=email

    • Ontraport: ?he=[Email]&el=email

    • Everwebinar/Webinarjam: ?he={ATTENDEE_EMAIL}&el=email

    • GoHighLevel: ?he={{contact.email}}&el=email

    • HubSpot: ?he={{contact.email}}&el=email

    • Kartra: ?he={email}&el=email

    • Kajabi ?he={{email}}&el=email

    • MaroPost: ?he={{contact.email}}&el=email

    • Intercom: ?he={{email}}&el=email

    • SendGrid: ?he=[%email%]&el=email

    • SendLane: ?he=VAR_EMAIL&el=email

    • Sendy ?he=[Email]&el=email

    • Lemlist: ?he={{email}}&el=email


Klaviyo users have the option to place our el parameter universally on all links used on campaigns. To do so please follow the guides below:

    • Click your account name in the top-right corner of your screen

    • In the dropdown menu, select Account

    • Click Settings, then open the UTM Tracking tab

    • Once inside, you need to turn it on and click on add custom UTM parameters: